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December is a busy month for all of us, especially when you run a salon. Let’s give you some Christmas Salon Ideas and let’s talk about how you can cash in this Christmas through your savvy salon marketing tactics.Customers are whipping out their credit cards left, right and center, looking for the best deals and gift ideas their money can buy.

Christmas Salon Guide # 1 – Choose target groups

We will give you christmas salon ideas after identifying your target group and adjusting your strategies to suit them. The list below is an example of how you can best categorise the age and gender of your target group(s):

  • 10 – 16 years (Male)
  • 10 – 16 years (Female)
  • 16 – 25 years (Male)
  • 16 – 25 years (Female)
  • 25 – 40 years (Male)
  • 25 – 40 years old (Female)
  • 40 – 65 years (Male)
  • 40 – 65 years old (Female)
  • 65+ (Male)
  • 65+ (Female)

You are likely to have more than one target group, therefore it is important to offer something different for each of them. For example, when a man walks into your salon looking to buy a gift for his wife, you will have a number of options he can choose from depending on her age, then after a brief chat about her likes and interests you can narrow down to the perfect package. You can also take this opportunity to ask him if he would like to look at the gift packages for other female family members, each being specifically designed for them.

You can make these christmas salon gifts extra special by customising them to the persons’ preferences. This can mean choosing a combination of products, treatments, scents or services that the buyer thinks their loved one will like best. Wrap it up in beautiful paper with all the trimmings, and don’t forget a personalised card with your salons’ logo on.

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Christmas Salon Guide #2 – Be consistent

Don’t forget to spread your festive joy over all of your social media platforms as well as your website. This may seem obvious, but many people forget to post on the platforms they use less often. Try to implement the same style as much as possible so that a certain recognizability is created. This should be for your online as well as in-store promotions. Aim to be original and set yourself apart from the usual Christmas get-ups. A great idea is to make your own decorations. For example, drying out some spiced orange slices and hanging them around the salon will give that cosy, homey feel and also make the salon smell amazing.

Christmas Salon Guide #3 – Involve the team

Your social media followers and the regular clients always love to see what happens behind the scenes around Christmas at the salon. The holidays are the best time to bring people together, so get your team all huddled together in a Christmas photo or spend some time making decorations with each other. Organising a funny Christmas jumper day, holding a gingerbread house competition or arranging a team volunteering day are all brilliant ways to bring everyone together. Be sure to take plenty of photos and share them with your followers, or better yet, get them involved too!

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Christmas Salon Guide # 4 – Be charitable

If you are brainstorming about salon christmas ideas, you have taken a page from Mother Theresas’ book and wants to do some good during the holiday season. There are infinite ways you can achieve this, from the smallest gestures to the most extravagant of events. Offer your time to a local charity or organisation that is active around this time of year, and see how you and your team can get involved. Spend the day in an elderly home with your team, offering your services for the day, this can be free haircuts or styling for women, shaves for men or festive manicures. Organise a fundraising event or party to raise money for a cause that helps families in developing countries or a cause you feel close to. You can give as big or small a gift as you like, remember that the smallest of gestures can have a huge impact to someones’ life. Sharing your actions on your business’ social media will give your salon a very good image, as well as encourage others to do the same.

Christmas Salon Guide # 5 – Don’t forget New Year’s Eve

Christmas is always the center of attention in December. Clients want to look their best for their Christmas work parties and customers want to buy good quality gifts for their loved ones. It is easy to forget your New Year’s promotions. People will be getting dressed up for New Year’s parties and splashing out on looking and feeling their best. So don’t forget to remind your followers about the promotions you have on offer. 

Thinking you are too busy to put the extra effort in around this time is a huge mistake. The traditional forms of direct advertising only go so far and there is little room to rise above your competition. Thinking outside the box by adopting more non-conventional forms of advertising such as volunteering, fundraising and fun team moments with Christmas sets your salon apart from the rest. You are not directly selling people something, but you are making them want to come to your salon and be a part of the happy atmosphere.

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