Christmas gifts for salon clients

Christmas gifts for salon clients is gaining more atention every year. And who doesn’t love to be surprised with gifts! Sending clients a little something special over the holidays is a great way to build strong client relationships. The value of regular clientele is priceless. When clients feel appreciated and acknowledged, they will share their great experience with friends and family.

Your clients will initially be attracted to the quality of your products and services, and your close attention to client satisfaction. But ensuring they come back in the future may take a little extra effort. Giving salon clients a Christmas gift will imprint a happy memory in their mind. 

#1 – The Psychology Of Giving Back After Clients Received A Christmas Gift From Your Salon

People often feel inclined to return the favour when they receive a (Christmas) gift. When you surprise salon clients with a small Christmas gift, they will subconsciously feel obliged to do the same. Not due to feeling pressured, but most people will generally want to show their appreciation.

The Christmas gifts you give to your salon clients should not be expensive. A small but thoughtful gesture such as a goodie bag with a selection of product samples, testers, and candies will go a long way. Something they can use and see often like a keyring with your salon name and number on it would also work as a constant reminder. Research has shown that more than 80% of promotional gifts are kept by receivers for longer than a year. More than 70% of people who have received a gift from a business state that they would likely return as a client. In addition, a satisfied client is the best form of salon marketing you could ask for, because ‘word of mouth’ is the most effective form of marketing, and it’s free!

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Christmas Gifts For Salon Clients

# 2 Aim For functional Christmas Gifts For Salon Clients

It’s easy to get carried away and release your inner Santa Claus by handing out gifts at random. However, it’s important to think carefully about the type of gift you will give, and to whom. Your gift needs to appeal to your target group. Consider their age group, gender and interests.

It is tempting to choose gifts you would personally like to get, but this will not necessarily be what your target group will like. For example, if the majority of your target group are older women, they would appreciate a different type of gift then if they were all teenagers. Try to think of something that your clients use repeatedly. As a result, they will be constantly reminded of the salon. The more functional a gift, the better. If your target group is varied, consider age and gender neutral gifts such as custom canvas tote bags, coffee mugs or key rings designed with your logo on them.

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#3 – Different Types Of Christmas Gifts

I’m sure your brain is racing now with lots of fun and creative Christms gift ideas for your salon clients. However, some of the most effective gifts are still the traditional ones that you may already have in the salon, take the gift-card for example. Giving a gift-card will ensure the client will come back to redeem it. It is better to not promote this type of gift and instead surprise the client by handing them a gift-card after they have purchased something. This gift-card can be used on their next treatment or purchase.

A membership card is also a great way to encourage the regularity of salon clients. Everybody likes to save money, that’s no secret. By setting up a point-system membership card, regular clients can save up points for each purchase they make, and use these points to get additional discounts in the salon. Offer your client memberships purchases at discounted rates, and your non-memberships the standard rate. This will encourage new clients to want to become members. 

Finally, giving a physical gift works very well also. Even sending them an email or a posted letter telling them there is a surprise waiting for them to claim at the salon will get them excited. Consider gifting discounts on your clients birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, New Year’s and so on. The more personal the gift, the better.

#4 Sharing the Christmas Spirit With Salon Clients

It’s the holidays! So take advantage of the festive season and experiment with your gift giving. Christmas is the chocolate lovers month, so giving out something sweet with a cheerful card is always appreciated. Gift cards, although they are effective, can sometimes be considered the lazy and uninspired gift option.

If you give a gift card then present it in a creative way, for example in a small jar full of candies or slid into a 3D greeting card. People always prefer to be given something that had a little effort put into it.

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